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What is ProvivoAg? Let's start with the question Why? ProvivoAg believes in nurturing small farms and local food systems in a sustainable fashion, that all may have access to nutrient dense, high quality food products and nutrition. What we do is help with business development, marketing, sales, technology, social media and education services. Our mission is to help small farms and food producers develop and grow as their customers become more aware of the care and passion that we all have for real food.

Our purpose is to help the sustainable farm community and our local food systems to thrive. We all know that this approach is what it really takes to provide real nutrition and sustenance to a growing population. We all do what we do because we believe this is the best thing for ourselves and our fellow man.  Sharing in this vision, ProvioAg provides a variety of services on either a project basis, or as part of an ongoing contract, to help producers and processors be more successful.

The word provivo is Latin for "to live on", or "sustain". We are aware that more and more producers understand that it takes a holistic, environmentally sound approach to growing food. As a community, those of us practicing eco-agriculture know that we have the science and the results to prove that this is what really works for the long term. And we are all learning and getting better at this as time goes on. The ultimate mission is to properly feed our fellow citizens and improve their overall well being, and to always be able to do so. We all want our wonderful resources, and the people of our communities, to live on.

We welcome your inquiries at this time. Please feel free to send us an e-mail at info at provivoag dot com. We would love to talk to you. Even if it turns out that our services are not of use to you at this time, we still value your input, and we would be glad to make your acquaintance.